two pools are leaking, after 15 minutes pool A has leaked 2/3 gallon, after 20 minutes pool B has leaked 2/3 gallon. Which pool is leaking water the fastest and by how much?*20 points* please answee quick!

Accepted Solution

Answer:Pool A.Step-by-step explanation:This can be solved through ratios. You would write it as [tex]\frac{gallons}{minutes}[/tex] So, [tex]\frac{2/3}{15}[/tex] for the first one, and [tex]\frac{2/3}{20}[/tex] for the second. You might want to use a calculator for that part, but you could also change the gallons to cups, which gives you a much better number of 10.515. So, [tex]\frac{10.515}{15} = 0.701[/tex], and [tex]\frac{10.515}{20} = 0.52575[/tex] So, pool A is at a faster rate. If you want it in gallons per minute, it's by 0.01 (with the 1 repeating) gallons per minute. By cups, it's 0.17525 cups per minute.(The reason I did not do this by cross multiplying and dividing ratios is because it gives you the exact same answer if you are finding it per one, as I am here with per one minute. You can do it this way, it just wastes a bit of time.)