Question 3 / 5It’s Valentine’s day and lots of couples want to go for a ride on the Ferris wheel of love. The wheel of love has ten seats and each seat can fit one couple. Each minute a seat passes by the entrance/exit stage. The wheel starts functioning at 8pm for half an hour – do you know how many couples took a ride?

Accepted Solution

There are 10 seats in ferris wheel of love.One couple can fit in to one seat. That means 1 couple per seat.Given, in each minute a seat passes by the entrance or exit stage. That means one couple can use the seat for one minute. That means 1 seat per minute.The wheel starts functioning at 8 p.m for half an hour. In 1 hour there are 60 minutes. So half an hour means [tex] \frac{60}{2} [/tex] = 30 minutes.So we have got 1 couple per seat and 1 seat per minute. If we multiply them we will get 1 couple per minute.We have got in 1 minute there is 1 couple.So in 30 minutes there are [tex] (1)(30) [/tex] couples = 30 couples.We have got the required answer here.There are 30 couples who took a ride in the ferris wheel of love.