Orville traveled at a speed that was twice as fast as randy, Orville traveled 240 miles in one hour less than it took randy to travel 150 miles. What were the speed and time it took for both Orville and randy? Please answer will give brainliest

Accepted Solution

x-------> Orville speed
y-------> Randy speed
t--------> Randy time

we know that
speed=distance /time
Orville traveled at a speed that was twice as fast as randy
x=2y------> equation 1

speed Orville
x=240/(t-1)------> equation 2

speed Randy
y=150/t------> equation 3

substitute equation 1 in equation 2
2y=240/(t-1)------> y=120/(t-1)----------> equation 4

equate equation 3 and equation 4
150/t=120/(t-1)------> 150*(t-1)=120*t----> 150*t-120*t=150
30*t=150-----> t=5 hours

Orville speed and time
x=240/(t-1)-----> 240/(4)----> 60 miles/hour
Orville speed is 60 miles/hour
Orville time is (t-1)----> 5-1-----> 4 hour

Randy speed and time
y=150/t-----> 150/5----> 30 miles/hour
Randy speed is 30 miles/hour
Randy time is t-----> 5 hours

the answers are
a) Orville speed is 60 miles/hour
b) Orville time is 4 hours
c) Randy speed is 30 miles/hour
d) Randy time is 5 hours