In parallelogram EFGH, the measure of angle F is (3x − 10)° and the measure of angle G is (5x + 22)°. What is the measure of angle G?

Accepted Solution

Answer:So angle G has measurement 127 degrees. Step-by-step explanation:      E                       FH                     GI had to write it out the parallelogram so I could have a better visual.F and G are consecutive angles in a parallelogram (not on opposite sides).This means they add to be 180 degrees.F+G=180(3x-10)+(5x+22)=180(3x+5x)+(-10+22)=1808x       +12=180Subtract 12 on both sides:8x           =180-12Simplify:8x           =168Divide both sides by 8:x              =168/8x              =21If x=21 and want the measurement of angle G, then(5x+22)=(5*21+22)=127.So angle G has measurement 127 degrees.