he given measurements may or may not determine a triangle. If not, then state that no triangle is formed. If a triangle is formed, then use the Law of Sines to solve the triangle, if it is possible, or state that the Law of Sines cannot be used. C = 38°, a = 19, c = 10

Accepted Solution

Answer:No, the triangle is not possible.Step-by-step explanation:Given,A triangle ABC in which C = 38°, a = 19, c = 10,Where, angles are A, B and C and the sides opposite to these angles are a, b and c respectively,By the law Sines,[tex]\frac{sin A}{a}=\frac{sin C}{c}[/tex][tex]\implies sin A = \frac{a sin C}{c}[/tex]By substituting the values,[tex]sin A = \frac{19\times sin 38^{\circ}}{10}[/tex][tex]=1.16975680312[/tex][tex]\implies A=sin^{-1}(1.16975680312)[/tex] = undefinedHence, the triangle is not possible with the given measurement.