Find the height of a square pyramid that has a volume of 25 3/5 meters and a base with 4 meter sides

Accepted Solution

ANSWERThe height of the square pyramid is 4.8mEXPLANATIONThe volume of a square pyramid is calculated using the formula:[tex]Volume = \frac{1}{3}(base \: area) \times height[/tex]It was given that;The volume of the square pyramid is [tex]25 \frac{3}{5} {m}^{3} [/tex]The side length of the square base is [tex]4m[/tex]We substitute the given values and then solve for the height.[tex]25 \frac{3}{5} = \frac{1}{3}( {4}^{2} ) \times height[/tex]We solve for the height to obtain;[tex]height = \frac{25 \frac{3}{5} }{ \frac{16}{3} } [/tex]We simplify to get;[tex]height = 4.8m[/tex]Hence, the height of the square pyramid is 4.8 meters.