A company did a survey among 100 customers to find their car preferences. The customers were asked about their preferences for sedans or hatchbacks. Out of the total 25 people who liked sedans, 15 also liked hatchbacks. There were 40 people who liked hatchbacks. Part A: Summarize the data by writing the values that the letters A to I in the table below represent. (5 points) Like sedans Do not like sedans Total Like hatchbacks A B C Do not like hatchbacks D E F Total G H I Part B: What percentage of the survey respondents did not like either sedans or hatchbacks? (3 points) Part C: Do the survey results reveal a greater dislike for sedans or hatchbacks? Justify your answer. (2 points)

Accepted Solution


Part a)
A = 15             B = 25         C = 40

D = 10            E = 50         F = 60

G = 25             H = 75         G = 100

Part b) 85%

Part c)
dislike of sedans is 75%
dislike of hatchbacks is 60%
there is more dislike of sedans

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