Coarse Fish Species

Learn More About the UK Coarse Fish

The UK has an incredible variety of coarse fish and opportunities for a diverse range of fishing tactics and techniques. Check out our articles below to learn more about them!


The Barbel is one of the hardest fighting river monsters in the UK and is very popular amongst British anglers!


A very popular “match fish” and a particularly common species in British canals

Common and Mirror Carp

The carp is the UK’s most popular coarse fish and is revered for its extremely hard fighting qualities!

Catfish (Wels)

The Wels Catfish is largest of all the British fish and is one the country’s true pre-historic monsters!


The Chub is one of the most sought after coarse fish due to their fighting spirit and beautiful appearance

Crucian Carp

The Crucian Carp is one of Britan’s most specialist fish and the smallest of all the carp family


The Dace is amongst the smallest of the UK coarse fish and is particularly common in rivers and canals


The European Eel is not a fish for the faint hearted! Its commonly found in the bigger of the UK rivers

Grass Carp

The Grass Carp are a non-indigenous species to Britain, but are a much desired member of the carp family


Known as “the lady of the stream” the Grayling is a fine looking coarse fish and also a member of the salmon family


Almost always “caught by mistake”, the Gudgeon is particularly common in the British river and canals systems. Although not the biggest, it’s nonetheless an important part of British fishery ecosystem


The perch is one of the dominant predators in Uk rivers and canals. Although not as large in size as the pike, it is extremely sought after


The Pike is the most aggressive predator of all the British coarse fish and can reach an extremely large size


The freshwater Roach is a delicate UK coarse fish, commonly found in almost any fishery!


Often mistaken for the Roach! The Rudd is a less less common and has a differing mouth shape


The Ruffe is a sandy colour with black markings. They very small in size and not a particularly “fished for” species


The Tench is a golden, beautiful course fish and is extremely desirable amongst almost all anglers! 


The Zander is also known as the “Pike-Perch” and has dominated the UK canal systems in recent years!

Mirror Carp

The Mirror Carp is the “bread and butter” of almost every UK commercial fishery.


The Ide or Orfe is rapidly growing in popularity in UK waters and provides some interesting variety!


Commonly found in the UK rivers in large shoals, the Bleak is often the fish that saves a blank!