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Below you will find our range of fishing equipment reviews that span the whole of the fishing spectrum, from coarse fishing, to game fishing, to sea fishing! These are some of the most comprehensive and honest fishing equipment reviews across the entire internet. We just want you to get the most out of your fishing trips. Enjoy!

Fishing Rod Reviews

Find the ideal rod for your style of fishing!

Fishing Reel Reviews

Find a silky-smooth reel that will stand up under pressure.

Fishing Bait Reviews

Find an effective bait to tempt bites even in the toughest waters.

Fishing Line and Rig Bit Reviews

Operate in true “stealth mode”! Find proven rigs to improve your catch rate.

Fishing Chair Reviews

Stay comfortable during your fishing trip. No-one likes a numb bum!

Fishing Tent and Bivvy Reviews

Stay warm and protected from the elements in all weather!

Fishing Clothing Reviews

Stay warm, comfortable and stylish during your fishing trips!

Fishing Accessories

Browse the latest accessories from bait boats and books to sonar!