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Choosing the right fishing gear is an essential part of effective angling. Rest assured, we’ve reviewed all the latest fishing rods, reels, chairs, tents… We want you to spend more time fishing and less time reading!

Rigs and Tackle Tips!

Bait presentation is everything when it comes to angling success. We’re going to provide you with all the hints and tricks you need to take on your first ever carp or even win your first fishing match!

Coarse Fish Species

We’re also a great general learning resource and have a wide range of articles on all of the Coarse Fish species and beyond! Learn more about the vast variety of fishing styles in the UK!

Check Out Our Fishery Finder!

Finding a new fishery in or out of your area can be a difficult task if you don’t have access to “fisherman in the know”. We have an awesome UK Fishery Finder, where you can search for your perfect venues, all in one place!

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We are a passionate online fishing resource, run by two fishing enthusiasts! We’re committed to providing you with quality angling advice across the whole of the angling spectrum. We believe fishing is a special gift that can truly bring people together; developing friendships for life as well as true fun and enjoyment!

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